Design Process: Role/Goal Selection

Good afternoon LacPod supporters!

Thanks for your continuing support. Today we’d like to share with you how we selected our roles on the team and what goals we wanted to focus on while making the LacPod.

The first day we met with our adviser Dawn, she had us brainstorm roles and goals and then discuss and vote on them. These are some pictures of our process.Goals

Roles and Responsibilities

As you can see, our roles and goals are:

Project manager and Design for certification: Courtney

Satisfy Coffman and get a “yes” to install: Megan and Alex

Experiment to find the MVP: Tianqi

Build a usable prototype: Alex

Function focused on pumper needs: Katie and Tianqi

Work within the budget and manage online presence: Megan and Katie


Thanks for reading, and hope that this gives you an idea of what our design process looks like. Coming next: Design Process: Chair Brainstorming